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Jesus my joy

Jesus my joy

Jésus ma joie

Aujourd'hui, je célèbre mon anniversaire de naissance. Je veux, en ce jour de joie, célébrer et honorer Jésus qui désire nous partager la joie parfaite qui l'habite: "Je veux que ma joie soit en vous et que votre joie soit parfaite." (Jn 15, 11)   

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This arrangement of a new text translation for the classic hymn "Jesus, Priceless Treasure" was ...
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 Jesus, My Joy

Jesus my joy, my soul's rich food, 

My beautiful strength and song: 

When will it end this anxious mood, 

This yearning for you so long ?


Pure Lamb of God, you chose to be 

The groom who was crucified; 

Now nothing on earth means more to me

Than being your holy bride. 


Under your care, I can't be harmed

As ennemies take their stand. 

Let Satan rage; I'm not alarmed, 

For Jesus is close at hand. 


Their charge strikes fear, like sin and hell, 

Like storms lightening up the sky. 

But Jesus protects me; all is well. 

I'm covered and warm and dry. 


Dragon of old and jaws of death

I sneer at the fear you bring !

Attack me, world, with my last breath

I'll stand here in peace and sing !


Earth's rumbling roars, hell's howling cries

Are destined to fade away. 

My powerful God's all seing eyes 

Are watching me ev'ry day. 


Treasures, be gone ! You have no worth, 

For Jesus is my desire. 

You empty honnors of this earth, 

You've nothing that I admire. 


No misery, disgrace, or cross, 

No death with its labored gasp,

Though suffering much, no need or loss

Can break me from Jesus' grasp. 


(NOTE: J'ai mis les prochaines strophes en caractères gras en pensant à Aloysius et Stanley qui, en tant que prêtres, peuvent libérer de leurs péchés les hommes et les femmes de notre temps. Quel beau ministère que de pouvoir donner le pardon au nom de Dieu, et permettre ainsi aux gens d'entrer dans la joie du Royaume)


Listen O life, the wordly crave,

You're nothing to me, good night !

Good night you sins, go find your grave. 

Be gone, and don't come to light. 


Good night vain glory, hautaine pride; 

Your sleep is a welcome sight.

O dissolute life, you've lured and lied, 

So once and for all, good night !


Sorrow, give way; my joyful Lord, 

Christ Jesus, is ent'ring in !

How sweet are woes for those restored

To love him who bore their sin !


When scorn and shame bring grief and pain, 

still gladness and joy are mine, 

For even in suff ' ring you remain, 

Lord Jesus, my joy divine. 

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Text: Johann Franck. Translation: Michael D. Schultz, 2011. Tune and setting: Kermit G. Moldenhauer, 2011 ...
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